During the grant period, all 21st CCLC grantees are required to submit the following:

  • Contact Information Form
  • Letter of Agreement
  • Quarterly Performance Report
  • Annual Summative Report
  • Local Evaluation Report

REMINDER: Never send individual student data to PDE.

Contact Information Form (CIF)

Contact information for the following persons must be provided:

  • Superintendent or executive director of the local education agency
  • Fiscal manager
  • Primary contact person
  • Secondary contact person

Directions on Completing the CIF

  • Any changes to the contact information, requires the grantee to submit a new CIF
  • All information is important, and should be completed accurately and fully (i.e. phone extensions)
  • Primary and secondary contacts are for day-to-day grant related correspondence and may not be the same individual
  • The primary contact is the delegate for federal 21 APR grant reporting
  • The individual with signatory authority should complete the form

CIF Submission

Submit completed CIFs simultaneously to:

  • Craig Scott, Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Your program officer
  • Your CSC TA provider

Contact Information Form

Letter of Agreement

An original Letter of Agreement was sent with the grant application. If during the grant period changes occur in the collaborations or working partnerships, the grantee is responsible for submitting an updated Letter of Agreement to their program officer at PDE. Letters of Agreement are required for all major partners and should delineate significant financial commitment or donated services, goods, staffing, space, etc.

School District Letter of Agreement – is meant for use between a school district or school(s) and a public/private entity. This includes instances where the grantee is a local education agency (LEA) or non-LEA and documents their partnership with the local school district. Download the School District Letter of Agreement

Agency Letter of Agreement – is meant to be used by non-LEA grantees for major non-LEA partnerships. Download the Agency Letter of Agreement

Quarterly Performance Report (QPR)

QPRs are to be submitted to the Center for Schools and Communities at QPR@csc.csiu.org. These reports contain information about the grantees’ program operation, program implementation, enrollment, budget and other critical elements. Directions for completing a Quarterly Performance Report and the template for the current program year, are located on the Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s 21st CCLC Annual Reporting page.

Download the current QPR program year template.


All Cohorts



Entire Summer 2020 Program Grantee Info
Center-District-School Info
Summer 2020 General & Traditional Instruction Summer 2020 Alternative Instruction
Thursday, October 15, 2020
Beginning of School Year – November 30, 2020 SY20-21 Term 1 General & Traditional Instruction
SY20-21 Term 1 Alternative Instruction
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
December 1, 2020 – February 28, 2021 SY20-21 Term 2 General & Traditional Instruction
SY20-21 Term 2 Alternative Instruction
Monday, March 15, 2021
March 1, 2021 – End of School Year SY20-21 Term 3 General & Traditional Instruction
SY20-21 Term 3 Alternative Instruction
Thursday, July 15, 2021

Annual Summative Report

An annual summative report captures data important for PDE in administering the statewide 21st CCLC program. Each spring the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) – who administers the online Pennsylvania Grantee Report – will send the login information to complete the annual report. Additional annual reporting information and due dates.

Local Evaluation Report

After the conclusion of each program year, a local evaluation report need to be submitted. PDE has not issued specific requirements for what the report should look like. However, it should not be identical to your Pennsylvania Grantee Report submissions – you cannot print your submission from this system and turn in as your local evaluation report. Information about expected content of the local evaluation report can be found in the 21st CCLC archived webinars and under Recent Evaluation Presentations on the 21st CCLC Evaluation webpage.

  • Anticipated annual due date is October 31
  • Submit as soon as possible
  • PDE issues reminders several months after the program year ends

Submit local evaluation reports to Leslie McConnell at the AIU after the conclusion of each program year.