The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Excellence in Leadership Certification was developed for program staff in a leadership role who are looking for strategies to effectively lead and motivate others, create and maintain a positive workplace culture, demonstrate emotional intelligence and overcome leadership challenges.

Cohort 4 will start in 2023! For more information about the Excellence in Leadership Certification program, contact Excellence in Leadership.

Sample Course Schedule




Meet and Greet <month one> Welcome and Course Overview
Session 1 <month two> Be the One
Session 2 <month three> Recognizing the Impact of Trauma
Session 3 <month four> Authentic Communication
Session 4 <first half month five> Leading Through Change
Session 5 <second half month five> Leading for Equity in Challenging Times
Session 6 <month six> Leading Through Conflict
Session 7 <month seven> Self-Respect: The Foundation for Quality Leadership